Stop Your Foreclosure

We provide homeowners facing foreclosure with alternative solutions that stop the foreclosure process and provide you with the best possible outcome.

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Foreclosure Alternatives Designed To Work For You

Facing foreclosure is never easy. In most cases, homeowners often feel there are no available alternatives. Fortunately, there are. At LMS Management, our team of real estate and debt negotiation experts designed a simple process which helps you avoid foreclosure by providing alternatives that benefit you most.


We’ll educate you on all the alternatives that best meet your specific needs.


Confidently select the perfect foreclosure alternative that benefits you most.


Our team of experts go to work for you until your situation is resolved.

Download The Foreclosure Blueprint

We believe every homeowner should be equipped with helpful information about foreclosure. So we’ve created a free resource called The Foreclosure Blueprint. Inside this blueprint you’ll discover how the foreclosure process works and what you can do to avoid it.

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Understanding Your Options

As a homeowner, understanding each foreclosure alternative can be confusing. Our goal is to make it simple. We’ve simplified the entire process to ensure you understand all the facts about each alternative we provide. This step in our process makes sure we set the proper expectations so you can select the best foreclosure alternative that is right for you.


Choosing Your Foreclosure Alternative

Our team has done all of the hard-work for you by only offering the most effective foreclosure alternatives available. Each alternative we provide is proven to be effective in preventing foreclosures time and time again.

Loan Modification

Our team of experts negotiate with your lender to get your mortgage loan restructured.

Short Sale

We’ll also negotiate with your lender to approve a sale of your home for less than original amount on the loan.

Sell Your Home

Work with our top real estate agents to get your house listed on the market and sold quickly.


Working Hard To Stop Foreclosures

Fear, worry, and stress are apart of every foreclosure. The uncertainty of what lies ahead can often be hard to handle. As an industry leading Debt Negotiation company, we understand this well. Which is why we strive to absorb much of the impact of foreclosure by providing a stellar experience from start to finish.

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